Meet NATA’s Jenny Ann Urban

NATA’s Juliet Jordan, sat down with NATA’s new Managing Director of Air Charter and Maintenance Jenny Ann Urban to gain some insight into her long-term passion for the industry, as well as her dedication and excitement for her new role within the organization.

From an early age, Jenny was a “pro passenger,” always paying detailed attention to flight attendant instructions and following the set rules. From her young experience, she knew she wanted to fly internationally with a lifelong goal of traveling to every country, which later fueled her interest in an aviation-centric career. Now, walking into Jenny’s house, you’d find a plethora of aviation themed décor, even her curtain rods feature miniature aircraft details.

Juliet: What got you interested in the aviation industry?

Jenny Ann: I’ve always had a love of travel from a young age. I took my

 first flight when I was less than a year old and became an unaccompanied minor at 5 when flying back and forth to see my grandparents.

I eventually became a travel nanny/babysitter for an aviation attorney while I was earning my MBA. This role provided the opportunity to travel with her and see all the unique issues she worked in aiding other countries to enhance or amend their aviation laws. She also served as the Director of the Ole Miss LL.M. in Air and Space Law program. My time spent with her inspired me to pursue that degree.

Juliet: What was your first industry job?

Jenny Ann: My first real industry job was as an aviation attorney at the international law firm Cozen O’Connor, where I worked with two brilliant aviation partners. They helped me develop key legal skills for success in practicing aviation law, especially within the regulatory sphere. I had the opportunity to work on such diverse issues, which also heightened my interest in the aviation industry.

Juliet: What excites you about the aviation industry?

Jenny Ann: The environment is continuously changing and there’s always something new happening in the aviation world. We are more globally connected than ever thanks to this industry.

Juliet: What is the most rewarding part about working in aviation?

Jenny Ann: Two things come to mind: 1) the people, and 2) seeing the work come to fruition. Every country has people working in aviation and this industry allows you to make personal connections with others no matter where you are in the world. I don’t know many people who haven’t looked up when they hear an aircraft and say ‘plane!’ That goes for anyone from 5 to 85! Also, the amount of diverse people in aviation is astounding and you can learn something new about the industry from each one. 

It’s also a great feeling to help shape and see appropriate regulations and best practices come to life within the industry, as well as recognize that regulations from one country can help shape the best practices of another.

Juliet: What are you most excited about in your new role at NATA?

Jenny Ann: I’m most excited about advocating for those in the air charter and maintenance sectors, continuing to help educate law makers on industry bottlenecks, getting to ‘yes’ together in enhancing the aviation ecosystem, and exploring how technological advancements fit into the regulatory environment.

By Juliet Jordan, NATA’s Managing Director of Industry Affairs & Innovation


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