Welcome To A New Way To ABJ

As aviation businesses break news on achievements toward sustainability goals and success in further minimizing touchpoints across the transportation supply chain, the timing was right for a move to a primarily online format.

You can rest assured that the same timely information and guidance found throughout the pages of the print Journal can now be found here on this comprehensive site. We are thrilled to be able to enhance our usual articles with videos, links to additional resources, and other dynamic content – enabling our stories and your stories to come to life.

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) seeks to not just move with the times, but also anticipate what’s next for our members and the industry. Ever-changing times call for new solutions and innovative ways of connecting with thousands of aviation businesses across the country and around the globe. We thank you and our advertisers for joining us on this new path and, as always, we appreciate your feedback and input.

Steve Berry is NATA’s Manager of Fuel Quality & Safety. 


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Welcome to the Aviation Business Journal, the official publication of the National Air Transportation Association (NATA).