NATA Comments Support Safety, Success, and Service of Part 135 Community

NATA recently amplified our members’ voices on the FAA’s intent to initiate a rulemaking directed at public charter operations that could impact the entire part 135 community. In collaboration with our air charter members, NATA raised awareness about the complexity of proposed changes and voiced our collective concerns through the public comment process. We appreciate both our members’ input into NATA’s submitted comments and action to bolster our efforts by submitting their own remarks.

NATA asserted its belief that the industry is willing to engage in a thoughtful discussion and evaluation of the existing regulatory framework, while objecting to the mischaracterization of public charter operations as inherently unsafe or flouting the regulations. Other commenters to this docket have pointed to safety data regarding part 135 operations as a justification to bar all part 380 contracts with on-demand operators. The use of that data without appropriate context is misleading, and NATA called on the FAA to base any regulatory changes on accurate data and a clear understanding of our industry.

Additionally, NATA raised concerns about potential unintended consequences of those proposed revisions to regulatory definitions of “on-demand operation,” “supplemental operation” and “scheduled operation” under 14 CFR Part 110, citing potential ripple effects throughout the entire part 135 and general aviation ecosystem. NATA also recognized the potential for negative impact on service to small communities, as well as to emerging technologies that are poised to further increase the availability, efficiency, and sustainability of on-demand aviation.

NATA will keep you apprised of developments and future opportunities to lend your support in protecting the regulatory framework for the essential, safe services the part 135 community provides to countless communities worldwide.


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