NATA Issues Public Charter Operations Resource

With the number of authorized public charter operators and proposed flights on the rise, NATA has developed educational material to ensure requirements are well-understood and all impacted parties have clarity on established guidelines. Growth in both DOT 14 CFR Part 380 and scheduled FAA 14 CFR 135 operations is beneficial to the on-demand industry represented by NATA; however, the increase in public charter opportunities has raised some concerns in communities where these flights regularly occur. NATA’s “Public Charter Operations” white paper provides background and outlines operational areas of interest including surveillance, community outreach, data, agency/operator connections, and operator safety. The white paper also familiarizes on-demand carriers with the privileges and limitations of public charter operations to best support their own operations as well as to create opportunities to enhance awareness efforts.

Additionally, NATA developed this handy FAQs resource.  


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