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Swift Fuels Dyes UL94 Purple  

Swift Fuels, the West Lafayette, IN, supplier of UL94 Avgas announced last week that all shipments of its 94 octane, unleaded aviation gasoline will be dyed purple in conformance with ASTM D7547-23 Standard Specification for Hydrocarbon Unleaded Aviation Gasoline. The move is designed to increase refueling safety by visually differentiating UL94 Avgas from other types and grades of fuel.

Swift Fuels confirmed the new purple UL 94 is identical in terms of quality and performance to the previously clear, transparent version which they have been delivering to the US market since 2015. Swift Fuels also confirmed they will provide new grade identification placards to their customers.

The color change was approved by the ASTM International Fuels, Markings, and Dyes task force in 2023, with a deadline for the new color to be implemented by December 31, 2024.

“Misfueling prevention has always been a top priority for NATA and our Safety 1st program, so the purple color is welcome news, improving on grade identification of UL94 to reduce the potential of aircraft misfuelling” said Steve Berry, NATA VP of Education and Safety.

“While the purple color is an additional tool, it is still critical for pilots to communicate proper fuel orders that include the tail number of the aircraft, the type and grade of fuel requested, as well as the quantity in which it is to be dispensed,” Berry continued. “Additionally, refueling operators must always follow the grade verification process identified in EI 1597 and taught within NATA’s free misfuelling prevention program at”

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